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5 chair workouts to add to your routine

Whether you've been exercising regularly for years, or you're just starting to get active — a chair workout, or exercises done while seated, can be a great option.

Get started with these favorite routines from our Bold instructors. Find a chair, press play, and let’s get started getting stronger together!

Seated strength and balance

Seated Workout and Balance

Join Amanda as she leads a gentle, 10-minute seated workout for improving strength and mobility.

Cardio chair intervals

Chair cardio intervals

Join Alicia for a series of alternating, chair cardio exercises. Don’t forget your water bottle!

Chair low intensity workout

20 minute low intensity chair workout

Looking for a low intensity routine after, or instead of cardio? Bold’s got your back. Adding weights for an additional challenge is optional.

Chair yoga with Alison

Chair yoga for better balance

You don’t need to stretch out on a mat to practice yoga. Seated yoga moves, done in a chair, can still help us with balance and flexibility. Learn from Alison as she teaches this 25 minute class.

25 minute chair cardio

25 minute chair cardio

Alicia is back! Join us for 25 minutes of Chair Cardio. Together, we'll start with some stretches and work our way up to more challenging movements, like abdominals and arms.

Did you know — we teach classes just like this during our weekly LIVE class series! If you're interested in joining, email