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How chair sit-ups help with balance

Chair sit-ups are an effective way to stabilize your core, which is an important component of better balance.

They are the perfect exercise for any environment, since they don’t require any specialized equipment. All you need is a stationary chair, and you’re set! The key to better balance is muscle coordination, and strengthening your core plays directly into this. 

As you contract your core through chair sit-ups, you strengthen your trunk muscles. Trunk muscles are in charge of moving your spine, and sturdier trunk muscles do a better job of protecting your spine. When you protect your spine, you have better balance. Studies show that strengthening your core leads to lower fall rates, which is why you should incorporate chair sit-ups into your next workout. Whether it’s 2, 8, 12, or 20, everything counts!

Follow these easy steps to do a chair sit-up from anywhere:

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