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3 tips for keeping an exercise routine over summer

During the summer, you might find yourself traveling more, or changing your routine. It can be hard to continue with your daily activities as schedules and seasons change, but it’s important to keep focused on your goals all year-round.

Remember, every minute of physical activity counts towards your goals.

Here are our top 3 tips for keeping an exercise routine over the summer:

Tip 1: Write down your weekly plan 

Pick a day of the week to spend a few minutes looking at your calendar for the upcoming week and planning what days of the week you want to exercise, what activities you want to do, and when. We recommend doing this on Sundays.

As you make your schedule, try to block the same time, like 9am, each day to exercise. This will help you build the habit and help you stay on track with your routine. 

Tip 2: Pack for success 

If you are traveling this summer, be sure to pack what you need to stay active, like:

  • Comfortable clothes you can move in
  • Socks and sneakers 
  • A water bottle to stay hydrated
  • Sunscreen and/or a hat if you’ll be outside during the day
  • Your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to access your Bold exercise program

Packing healthy snacks in your carry-on or beach bag will help you fuel your body and help give you energy to stay active. The American Heart Association recommends heart healthy snacks like apples, bell pepper slices, or whole-grain toast with nut butter.

Tip 3: Find an accountability partner

It can be hard to stay motivated alone. An accountability partner can help motivate you when you don’t want to exercise and celebrate with you when you hit your fitness milestones. 

A neighbor, friend, or even someone who is part of the same local community can be a great person to buddy up with. Let them know you need support staying accountable to your exercise routine and ask if they would like to help. You can check-in with each other however works best for you, whether it be on a phone call or meeting up for a walk together in the park. 

Need support? Join the Bold Facebook Group to meet other members of the Bold community.

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