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“You don’t exercise for others, you exercise for yourself”: Meet Kevin

Meet Kevin from Florida, who joined Bold last year and enjoys live classes.

What motivated you to join Bold?

I was referred by a family member, and it made sense especially during COVID.

How long have you been a Bold member?

I think about a year.

Where do you exercise and what does your setup look like?

It really can be anywhere, which is one of the things I like about Bold. I joined some live classes when I was on vacation, so I consider it very portable.

Has Bold helped to improve your balance and reduce your fear of falling?

Honestly, I’ve been very active my whole life, so balance and falling aren’t a primary concern at this point. I do realize that as I get older these will be more of a concern and I can see where Bold will help.

What do you love about Bold?

The portability and convenience. Also, the quality of instruction.

How has movement improved your overall well-being?

I move a lot—always have! Even though I’m sedentary at work, I still get in more than 75,000 steps in a week. In addition to Bold, I do 75 push-up first thing every morning, and I take care of my own yard—year-round in Florida. Because I don’t hit the gym as much as when I was younger, Bold offers a supplement to my other activities.

What sort of exercises do you like to do?

I did extensive weight training for many years. I used to run regularly as well. Now, I walk regularly and stay active with yard work, occasional bike rides and Bold.

Do you have a favorite class type and/or instructor?

For live classes, I like Cardio with Kelsey and some of the yoga classes, too—this helps me stretch, which I’ve never had the patience to do as much as I should.

Do you feel Bold has empowered you in other aspects of your life?

All exercise (including Bold workouts) is critical to mental and physical well-being.

How do you describe Bold to a friend?

As a convenient way to exercise on your own with quality instructors— it’s definitely worth a try!  If you get hooked, you’ll feel better! I tell people you don’t exercise for others, you do it for yourself!

What's one piece of advice you would give to someone who's a bit worried about working out?

Set realistic goals and get started with an activity or two that you can maintain. Taking a Bold class every day or even every other day is a great way to start!

Have you done live classes, and how do you feel about them?

Yes, and like the energy of the live classes. Because I still work full-time, I can’t always attend so the other classes are important as well.