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Bold’s March Madness Cardio Challenge starts March 21, 2022!

This Cardio Challenge was created to keep you moving while having some fun with the annual NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament happening now. This challenge can be added on to your regular workout routine or done on its own. Once you have completed the challenge you will earn your Bold March Madness Badge and prove that you can keep up with the basketball athletes. The classes in this challenge are available to Bold Premium Subscribers.

Let’s play! 

How it works 

The challenge includes 4 rounds (weeks) of cardio classes, with 14 different classes total. We start the first round with 5 classes and each week we will eliminate a class during the challenge while building intensity. We know you got this! You can do it!  

Download a printable challenge tracker here to track your progress each week

Round 1 (March 21–27): Conditioning is key 

Welcome to Round 1 of the March Madness Cardio Challenge. You are starting off strong this week with 5 cardio workouts (no equipment needed) to condition your body and get you ready for the following rounds. Don’t sweat it! You got this! 

Here are the Round 1 classes:

march madness block round 1

Round 2 (March 28 – April 3): Level up the intensity 

Congratulations on making it to Round 2 of Bold’s March Madness Cardio Challenge! Keep the momentum going and keep building endurance in this round. This week, you have 4 workouts; all a bit longer than last week but with 1 less class. Push hard and stay strong in this round with sessions that will help you build power and endurance with no weights to get you ready for the upcoming rounds. 

Here are the Round 2 classes:

march madness block round 2

Round 3 (April 4–10): Turn up the heat

You are halfway through! Great job making it this far! We bet you are feeling great and ready to tackle this round. This round has 1 less class than last week but the classes are just a little longer. We are turning up the heat as we near the final of this tournament so be prepared to use equipment in this round. 

Here are the Round 3 classes:

march madness block round 3

Round 4 (April 11–17): The finals! 

You made it to the final round of this challenge! Go hard this week and finish strong with these final 2 classes that are about 30 minutes long and include an equipment option. These last 2 classes are all about sports skills, drills and agility; all inspired by the athletes of the NCAA March Madness Tournament. 

Here are the Round 4 classes:

march madness block round 4

Share your progress and celebrate your wins with other Bold members

Congratulations on participating in Bold’s March Madness Cardio Challenge! Share your progress, challenges, and even any setbacks with the Bold member community on our private Facebook Group to get encouragement.

We can’t wait to celebrate with you!