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Bold program for arthritis

Our research and training teams are excited to bring you another program rooted in research: an exercise program that targets the most common type of arthritis, osteoarthritis (OA).

OA is a joint condition that occurs when the cartilage cushion that sits in a joint socket between two bones breaks down over time. This causes changes to those bones, in addition to pain, stiffness, and swelling in the socket. 

OA is the most common form of arthritis, affecting more than 30 million adults in the US, and 14 million of these adults are aged 65 and older. Among those with OA, about half have osteoarthritis in the knee joint. 

Our research and training teams listened to members experiencing OA pain and discomfort, especially in the lower body, to understand how pain and stiffness can be combated with exercise. Several studies have shown that aerobic exercise, strength resistance training, balance training, and Tai Chi can lead to meaningful improvements in pain, mobility, physical function, and joint stiffness in older adults with osteoarthritis. This led us to develop a progressive exercise program called Bold for Arthritis that offers classes in each of these areas. By the end of the program, members should feel less pain, improved physical function, quality of life, mood and perceived health status.  

Our team is  very excited to announce the release of Bold for Arthritis and we want you to be the first to try it! Please email if you are interested in accessing the program. 

Our hope is to help you and guide you through this fitness journey. We look forward to hearing from you. Your feedback is very valuable to us. 

What to expect

During the four week program, we’ll introduce a series of multi-component fitness classes in a seated or standing position that create mobility and strength throughout the joints in your lower body.

During the first two weeks, you’ll start with classes that are 10–15 minutes in length that introduce gentle movements to the targeted area to help you boost confidence. As you move through the program, we’ll increase the length of the classes to help you build endurance and strength, and introduce new exercises and to keep things interesting. 

A large portion of the program offers a Tai Chi component. Tai Chi has been found to significantly alleviate pain, relieve stiffness, and improve function. 

The Bold for Arthritis program was created with help from you: our members! We received feedback from our Healthy Joints Program, which helped us create the right program for those affected with OA. We will offer a seated or a standing program to members based on your onboarding experience and gently build stronger and less painful joints. We hope you enjoy this gentle start to a better, stronger and Bold-er you!