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7 benefits of Tai Chi for older adults

Tai Chi is a low-impact ancient Chinese form exercise that requires coordination and deep focus. The two central concepts of Tai Chi are yin and yang (opposing yet complementary forces) and qi (vital energy). Recognizing your yin and yang and allowing your qi to flow freely promotes good health and a balanced life.

Those who practice Tai Chi tend to see improvements in balance, strength and coordination. Also, by simulating calm, the flowing movements can reduce stress and anxiety. We’re already breathing easier just thinking about it!

The benefits of Tai Chi are indisputable. Here are seven:1

1. Improved balance

According to numerous studies, older adults who participate in one to three hour-long Tai Chi sessions a week reduce their likelihood of falling by 43%, cutting their risk of injury in half!

2. Reduced pain

Regularly practicing the flowing forms can relieve pain associated with chronic conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia.

3. Healthier heart

Practicing Tai Chi can lower blood pressure and total cholesterol, contributing to a healthier heart.

4. Greater focus

Studies have shown that Tai Chi can slow cognitive decline, including dementia.

5. Better mood

According to researchers at Harvard Medical School, in 82% of their Tai Chi studies, the practice improved mood and lowered anxiety for participants.

6. Deeper breathing

Tai Chi serves as a reminder to not sweat the small things by encouraging deeper breathing and flowing movements.

7. More confidence

As a result of greater mind-body connection and coordination, many older adults experience a boost of confidence.

Tai Chi is age-agnostic — anyone can and should practice this fantastic form of mind-body exercise. Whether you are fascinated by the science of Tai Chi or simply committed to aging happily and healthily, we encourage you to try one of our restorative and invigorating Tai Chi classes. Here’s a clip of a Tai Chi class at Bold:

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