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How to do a squat

Exercise: The squat

Improves: Lower body strength

The squat is an extremely beneficial exercise that builds lower body strength by targeting the glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings. Also, regularly practicing the squat can improve core strength and joint range of motion. However, practicing the correct form is integral to reaping these benefits.

In the below video, Bold trainer Alicia demonstrates how to do a squat:

Get moving

  1. Lace up your sneakers, find some space and position the back of a chair in front of you (you can rest your hands lightly on the top of the back of the chair for guidance).
  2. From the standing position, spread your feet shoulder-width apart with knees and hips facing the chair. Make sure your feet are planted firmly on the ground and that your core is tight and spine is straight.
  3. Set your gaze forward so that your neck is in line with the rest of your spine and tilt your hips back. You can either extend your arms straight in front of you or rest them gently on the back of the chair (do not lean on the chair!).
  4. Continue tilting your hips back, imagining you are sitting down in a chair. Remember to keep your torso upright. You may not be able to achieve the full range of motion immediately and that is ok! While the goal is to form 90-degree angles with your knees keeping your thighs parallel to the ground, we know this is hard.
  5. Pause in the squat position before pushing through your heels and returning to the standing position.
  6. Repeat the squat. Always stop when your form breaks down… Remember: quality over quantity!

So what can you do to practice your squat? Integrate this movement into your routine. Bold classes are designed to improve strength, balance and mobility.

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