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3 tips to stay motivated to exercise

1. Just start

Whether you have a specific goal that you’re working towards, or whether you’re curious to try something completely new, the most important thing is to just get started.

With Bold’s classes, you can begin with a few minutes of exercise at a time. As you practice and stick with your new routine, you’ll start to notice and feel the improvement.

2. Be patient

Setting your intention for exercising at the start of a new fitness routine is important, but it’s also important to know that you might not always meet those intentions – and it’s ok.

Habits are formed over time, so be patient with yourself. Whether you start quickly, or a bit more slowly, you’re investing in your body, and your future — and that is Bold.

3. Get support

At Bold, we love to help members achieve their goals and stick with new exercise habits. We want to celebrate your progress and share encouragement and information when you need it most. Send your questions to

You can also join the Bold community on Facebook.