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A little (workout session) goes a long way

Some people LOVE to exercise; they wake up early, excited to start the day with a lengthy outdoor run or visit to the gym. Here at Bold, we recognize that not everyone is naturally excited to engage in fitness for extended periods of time. We want to make working out accessible to all of our members. 

One of the top reasons people cite for not exercising is time constraint. We recognize it can be difficult to carve out 45+ minutes for a workout. For someone who is beginning a fitness journey, it can feel daunting to exercise for an extended period of time. 

Research shows that there are still countless benefits to exercising for shorter periods of time. One study found that adults who engaged in just 10 minutes of consistent exercise multiple times a week for 12 weeks had a substantial increase in cardiovascular endurance. Another study found that 75 minutes of vigorous activity a week (about 12 minutes a day) can lower your risk for certain diseases. 

Bold is excited to announce that we offer not only a wide range of fitness programs, but also classes of varying lengths, some as short as 10 minutes. Our team values research, which is why we have designed programs to support these findings. We’re proud to help our members, regardless of where they are starting, achieve their fitness goals.

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