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Meet Chris Litten — Be Bold Healthy Aging Summit speaker spotlight

Chris Litten loves mixing creativity with proper technique to improve everyone’s life. Chris owns an award-winning personal training gym in Tucson, AZ where he helps clients to build strength, reduce pain, and spend more time outside.

Chris has been working as a professional fitness coach for over two decades, and countless people have benefited from his instruction. He takes an intellectual and holistic approach to fitness, utilizing his unique skill set to produce incredible outcomes for the people he works with. 

Chris added nutrition coach to his professional resume in 2015 after receiving his coaching certificate through Precision Nutrition, an evidence based nutrition coaching organization that focuses on teaching individuals and groups how to adopt more supportive behaviors to overcome challenges associated with nutrition. Chris continues to incorporate nutrition coaching principles into all of his sessions with clients as well as groups.

You can hear more from Chris at the upcoming Be Bold Healthy Aging Summit, taking place on Wednesday, February 9, 2022. You can reserve your spot here.